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Q. What is the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law?
The Pharmaceutical Affairs Law is a law designed to ensure the quality, effectiveness, and safety of pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs, cosmetics, and the like. The law also defines “quasi-drugs” and “cosmetics” and establishes various rules regarding such factors as quality and labels.
Q. What is a “quasi-drug”?
The Pharmaceutical Affairs Law categorizes products commonly referred to as cosmetics as being either cosmetics or quasi-drugs. Under this guideline, quasi-drugs are somewhere between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. These products have been approved under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law as having a particular indication or effect.
Q. What types of quasi-drugs are there?
Quasi-drugs similar to cosmetics can be any of the following.
1. Breath fresheners; 2. Odor inhibitors (including antiperspirant sprays); 3. Astringent powders (baby powder,sweat rash powder, and bedsore prevention powder); 4. Hair growth stimulants / Hair removers; 5. Hair dyes; 6.Perming solutions; 7. Bath additives; 8. Other medicinal cosmetics Although quasi-drugs are similar to cosmetics,such products must always be labeled as a quasi-drug on the product container or outer packaging.
Q. What are “cosmeceuticals”?
In terms of cosmetics, quasi-drugs are often referred to as being either “cosmeceutical” or medicinal. The term cosmeceutical applies to certain products that have the same purpose and directions as cosmetics but are recognized as quasi-drugs per the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law according to their efficacy and effects. Such products include rough skin as well as anti-acne and brightening products, skin sterilization, and other similar products.
Q. What types of “cosmeceuticals” are there?
“Cosmeceuticals” fall under the following categories.
1. Creams, moisturizers, hand creams, and cosmetic oils; 2. Toning lotion; 3. Poultices; 4. Sunscreen; 5. Shaving agents;6. Medicated soaps (including facial cleansers); 7. Shampoos; 8. Rinses

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