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Q. What is the “All Ingredients Label”?
The “All Ingredients Label” for cosmetics appears on the outside of the product box or container and lists all of the ingredients used in the product.
Q. Why is the “All Ingredients Label” required?
In order to manufacture and sell cosmetics in Japan, the requirements stipulated in the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law must be met. In April 2001, the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law was amended with a labeling system that required all cosmetics (excluding quasi-drugs) to include a label stating all of the ingredients used.
Q. What was used before the “All Ingredients Label”?
Previously, the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law required products to include a “Designated Ingredients Label.” This label required products to notify consumers if any of 103 designated ingredients (including fragrances in addition to the previous 102 ingredients) were used. These ingredients have been deemed possible causes of rare skin disorders including allergic reactions.
List of Designated Ingredients
Q. Are “All Ingredients Labels” used on all POLA products?
Beginning with “Aqua Esthe” in July 2000, POLA began using “All Ingredients Labels” on all new products in anticipation of the implementation of the amendment in April 2001.
Q. Where can the label be found?
Generally, “All Ingredients Labels” are included on the outer packaging (outer box or container) of products so that consumers can see the labels without having to open the packaging. The label is displayed in some form even on small containers such as samples.
Q. In what order are the ingredients listed?
The ingredients are generally listed beginning with those with the largest blended amount. However, ingredients with blended amounts of 1% or less are listed in random order.
Q. What are the purposes of each ingredient?
For information on the individual purposes of ingredients, contact your nearest salesperson or the Customer Relations Office (toll free at 0120-117111, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays).
Q. What are the blend amounts for the ingredients?
Ingredient concentrations are uniquely cultivated through manufacturer know-how. As such, it is not possible to divulge such information. We appreciate your understanding.
Q. How should consumers with allergies compare cosmetics when looking at the “All Ingredients Label”?
It is recommended that consumers with allergies should consult a dermatologist and identify which ingredients are likely to cause an allergic reaction. After identifying those ingredients, consumers should look at the “All Ingredients Label” and select cosmetic products that do not include those ingredients.
Q. How should average consumers compare cosmetics when looking at the “All Ingredients Label”?
Information about the cosmetics being used is extensive. This makes it easier to select cosmetic products that best suit your needs or preferences. Moreover, in the event the cosmetic product causes a skin reaction, identifying the cause of the reaction will be easier by showing the “All Ingredients Label” to the dermatologist.
Q. Where should questions or concerns about the “All Ingredients Label” be directed?
Please contact the Customer Relations Office (toll free at 0120-117111, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays).

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